About theoverhead.net

nice image theoverhead was originally created in September 2010 as a TAFE project. The concept for this site is to give young creative people a place to showcase photographic work, get exposure in the industry of gig photography, learn new techniques and ideas, and giving them a place to have fun doing what they are good at.

How we can help

Specifically, theoverhead offers the following services:

The main idea of theoverhead is to be a community run by photographers, for photographers. We aim to be a helpful resource for young photographers.

Print media campaign

Have you seen our media campaigns? We recently employed one of our most talented members to create for us a poster campaign, which have since been used for bus stop posters.

"Rock Photography by Rock Fans" poster design by Mark Priest

Television commercial

To compliment our printed media campaign, we also have some television commercials running on Channel 31. In case you've missed it on TV, check it out here: